What seepage proofing techniques are using these days?

One of the main problems that a built structure has to face is seepage problem. It depends on the location of your structure if the area is less damp the effect of seepage with be minimum otherwise it can affect your house badly.

What is seepage? Due to the damp area the water gets absorbed in the bricks of your structure and travels upward. It can be visible on the walls of your house it gives a wet paint look and dampness in the walls. As most of the residential structures in Punjab are made of brick structure it is very necessary of damp proof your structure so the structure itself does not lose its strength.

There are two ways of doing this one way is called DPC “Damp Proof Course” and the other is “Plinth Beam”. Both of these ways are used in proofing your house from seepage but the most common is DPC this is because this process is cost effective.

DPC, Damp Proof course is a thin layer of concrete that is laid out on the bricks according to the size of brick structure. The layer of concrete is 1.3 to 3 inches. Concrete is a mixture of cement, fine sand and crush. Additional ingredients like water proofing chemicals and plasticizers can be added to further strengthening the process. DPC is provided in two places of the structure one at porch level and the other at floor finish level.

DPC is cost effective method but it is not 100% seepage proof if from any place the DPC is cracked there can be a seepage leak.

Plinth Beam is another way of water proofing your structure this method can provide 100% seepage proof in your residential structure. Once the foundation is done plinth beam is placed on the foundations with the height of 1 foot or 12 inches. The width is according to the size of the foundation as the name suggests the beam is a reinforced beam which is a mixture of concrete and steel mesh. The steel mesh is laid on the foundations and concrete are filled. As you can already compare the composition and thickness of both DPC and plinth beam, plinth beam is a winner for water proofing your structure completely.

Though this method is less used because it is costly but it is the most effective scientific method of water proofing your newly build structure.

In conclusion if your house is located in a very damp area we recommend you to use plinth beam as it will protect your grey structure from the water and likewise if your structure is located in a slightly damp area DPC can be used as it is also very effective and cost efficient.