What is the difference between Brick Structure and Frame Structure?

Brick Structure:

The definition of brick structure is when a structure is built by putting all the load on brick walls. Starting from the base foundation to the top everything in the structure consists of bricks and there is no concrete involved. As you have seen most of the residential structure’s homes are built on brick structures.

The structure starts with plain cement concrete pad followed by brick layers. Structural load is divided onto the brick walls.

Frame Structure:

In case of frame structure, the structure is built by concrete erected columns. The Columns are connected to each other with tie beams used at plinth level in most cases lintel level. Once the columns are set and framework is completed the walls are made using bricks or concrete blocks.

Brick structure Advantages/Disadvantages


  • Economical method
  • Less consumption of steel and concrete
  • Less technical
  • Easy to breakdown


  • Less durable and strength
  • Hairline and shrinkage cracks
  • Cannot modify by removing main walls

Frame structure Advantages/Disadvantages


  • Most durable and unmatched strength
  • Easy to modify the structure by removing walls
  • Earth quake resistant


  • Higher cost because more steel and concrete are required